The Story Behind NonScents Technology

Since its inception in 2015, NonScents has transformed the market with its innovative product range. These products go beyond merely masking odors; they completely eliminate them. Their proprietary super-stable technology, unparalleled in the industry, targets and dismantles malodors at the molecular level. Protected by exclusive patents, this technology has been refined through years of extensive experience in active coatings, a legacy from its applications in water purification and the textile industry.

The adaptability of NonScents technology shines through its application across various product formats. Whether it's granules, textile fibers, films, or even liquid solutions and suspensions, this technology meets a multitude of odor control challenges with ease.

What’s Inside NonScents?

The core of our technology is an active chlorine coating, which provides unparalleled effectiveness in eliminating odors. Our NonScents products are meticulously designed to be non-toxic and safe for use in your home and around your pets. The type of active chlorine used is similar to the compounds found in swimming pools and those employed in the food processing industry. Furthermore, it is the same trusted chlorine that has been used for decades to purify drinking water, reflecting its proven safety and efficacy. This reassures that the technology is not only potent in odor neutralization but also adheres to high safety standards.