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Our Mission

“Odor Control”

Those words may not sound exciting to you, but they’re very near and dear to our hearts. 

We believe that getting rid of bad smells, really getting rid of them instead of muting them or covering them up, can make people’s lives better each and every day. That’s pretty cool.

We love meeting our customers and reading reviews, hearing about how our products have changed lives for the better. It makes us so happy when we hear people’s litter box success stories, or how we’ve saved furniture and refrigerators customers thought they’d have to throw away.

Who We Are
NonScents products are developed and produced by a small company in Redmond, WA called OxiScience. Our technology is developed and refined by our team of Ph.D. scientists with over 100 years of cumulative experience and backgrounds in microbiology, chemistry, and veterinary medicine. 

Our team is small, but passionate - we have a lab on site where we’re constantly working to develop new products and further refine old ones. All our products are made right here in the USA.

The History of NonScents Technology
NonScents’ revolutionary odor control technology was actually discovered as a happy accident – Jeff & Simon were working on developing a special coating for xeolite granules to achieve better filtration for drinking water. The coating was designed to destroy bad compounds in the water flowing through the filter.

While experimenting with the coating looking for alternative uses, they discovered that it has incredible odor control properties – able to destroy, dismantle, or modify odor-causing compounds (depending on the compound) so that they no longer smell bad. Thus OxiScience was born!

The Science Team Behind NonScents

NonScents was created by a team of Ph.D.s with more than 100 years of collective experience in microbiology, chemistry, and veterinary medicine. At NonScents, our mission is to improve the quality of everyday life with innovative products that deliver effective and long-lasting odor control. Unlike other products that use fragrance to mask foul smells, all NonScents products are scientifically formulated and proven to destroy odors at the molecular level, eliminating the root cause of the problem.