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Air Purifying Sachet - Odor Eliminator, Absorber | NonScents
Air Purifying Sachet - Odor Eliminator, Absorber 2 Pack  NonScents
What's Inside Air Purifying Sachet - Odor Eliminator, Absorber | NonScents
Why Trust Air Purifying Sachet - Odor Eliminator, Absorber | NonScents

NonScents Air Purifying Sachet

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Completely Remove Funky Odors

NonScents Odor Removal Sachets slowly release a vapor of our patented odor-removal technology into the air around them. When that technology encounters odor-causing compounds it completely destroys them at the molecular level, rendering the air clean & fresh.

Fight Mildew & Mold

In close proximity to garments and other items you want to protect, NonScents Household Sachets will slow or prevent the growth of mildew & mold.

Perfect for Your Car

Place a sachet in your car, and it’ll fight musky automotive odors. NonScents technology will seep into the inaccessible spaces to attack the causes of common stenches such as smoke, dog odor, or fast food odors in your car

Easy to Use Anywhere

Any enclosed space you can put a sachet, is a space where you can fight odors. Try them in boxes, sneakers, bins, bags, luggage, drawers, gym bags, diaper bags, trunks, and more!


NonScents products don’t try to hide smells with stronger smelling perfumes. Our technology eliminates the odor instead of replacing it.

Safe for You & Pets

NonScents sachets contain natural pumice stone with our patented, cutting edge coating. Though the effect is powerful, the technology is non-toxic and perfectly safe for humans and animals.

Money Back Guarantee

Give NonScents Sachets a try! Thousands of customers trust our products to get rid of the bad odors in their lives, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed too. If it they don’t live up to their promise, reach out to us and we’ll make it right.
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