What's Inside NonScents?

Different from all other products on the market, NonScents has the only super-stable technology that combines three different pathways to destroying malodors at the molecular level. The same biodegradable, organic, active chlorine coating, covered by proprietary OxiScience patents, provides unmatched odor control power to products in a wide range of formats, from granules, textile fibers and films, to solutions and suspensions.

Instant Odor Removal

Natural oxidative reactions instantly attack and remove sulfur-containing odors and ammonia.

Doesn’t depend on weak physical absorption like charcoal and baking soda, nor cheap fragrances that attempt to cover up the malodor.

Long Lasting

Unique polymer coatings preserve the oxidative power like a battery, releasing it over time through natural bio-degradation processes.

100% Safe

Polymer coating is biodegradable.

Active chlorine in the polymer - an oxidative form of the same element in table salt-reverts to its inactive, harmless chloride form after reacting with malodorants such as ammonia and sulfur-containing compounds.

‘Active principle’ from the OxiScience coating does its work in the exact form of a substance (hypochlorous acid) that is made by human white blood cells.