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NonScents Referral Program

Refer your friends, get $5 in cash for each referral!

Join our referral program. Give your friends 25% off. When your friends buy from your invite link, you get $5 in cash for each referral!


How it Works

  1. Join Now* - You will be taken to ReferralCandy, our third party vendor who manages the referral program.
  2. Once signed up, share your link.
  3. Your friend buys and gets 25% off their first order.
  4. You get $5 for each successful purchase.*

Important: Didn't get an email after sign up or other notifications? Check your spam and/or promotions folder. Emails are sent from "" addresses and<>. These emails may be filtered out in your inbox.

*Cash payouts will be done once a month through Paypal. Please sign up using an email associated with your Paypal account. Referral rewards are issued after a confirmed and verified referred purchase.

To view your earned Referral Rewards as an advocate of a referral program, you will need to login to your Advocate Rewards Page which you can do by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your Advocate Join Page -

  2. Enter the email address that you previously used to register for the referral program in the field provided (e.g. the email address you used to make a purchase from this store)

  3. Click the "Get Invite Link" button

  4. Click the "Your rewards" link on the top right*

  5. Enter the email address that you used in step 2 along with the associated password for this Advocate Join Page and click the "Login" button

*Note: If you do not see the "Login" button in step 5 and see a "Create new account" button instead, this is because you have entered an email address that has not been registered with this store's referral program. Please go back to step 1 and enter the correct email address that was previously registered. Alternatively, you can register and create a new account using a new email address.