Marketing Tools for NonScents Ambassadors

When you’re a NonScents Ambassador, your success is our success, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to share your link, get sales, and get paid!

Below you’ll find some assets to help.

Social Media

Here’s some content to use when talking about NonScents on social media.

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Check out the NonScents YouTube Channel for sharable videos.

Sample Posts:

“Excited to be working with @NonScentsOdorControl, who make incredibly effective odor control products – use this affiliate link to get a 25% discount (and support me!): link

@NonScentsOdorControl products destroy bad home & pet odors. I’ve been impressed with them and wanted to share – use this affiliate link to get 25% off (and support us!): link

(please note that you will need to manually type in “@NonScents” in the above copy in order for the tagging to work).

Image for Facebook Posts


“Signed up with a new sponsor: @Nonscents_com! They make really cool odor control products for pet & home smells – use this link to get 25% off (and support us!): link

“I love NonScents Product Name, and signed up with @Nonscents_com as an ambassador – if you’d like to support me, click this link to buy their products with a 25% discount & give me a cut: link

Twitter Image - Pet Odor Theme

Twitter Image - NonScents Product Line


“Support me by checking out @nonscents_odor_control products. Use the affiliate link in my bio to get 25% off (and give me a cut of your purchases).


Then put your affiliate link in your bio with copy like this:

“Support me by buying NonScents odor control products via link and get 25% off! I recommend product name.”

More suggested hashtags:

  • #odor
  • #odorless
  • #odoreliminator
  • #odorremoval
  • #odorcontrol
  • #smellsgood
  • #smelltheroses
  • #smellinggood
  • #smellslikeheaven
  • #deodorizer
  • #petsupplies
  • #petlove
  • #pets
  • #petsofisntagram
  • #nonscents
  • #nonscentsreallyworks

Instagram Image - Pet Odors Theme

Instagram Image - NonScents Product Line


Do you have a blog, animal shelter, or similar nonprofit?
Here’s an example e-mail you can send your readers:


Subject Line: New Product Partnership

Hi friendly term that best describes your readers,

I wanted to let you know about a new way you can support shelter/blog/company name/etc. I’ve recently discovered some really exciting new odor control products, and signed up to be an ambassador for the company.

NonScents makes odor control solutions for pet spots, kitty litter, dog breath, refrigerators, toilets, and stinky shoes. I’ve tried their stuff, and it really works remarkably well. It attacks odor compounds at the molecular level and destroys them completely.

Visit their store through this link, and you’ll get 25% off your entire order. I’ll also get a little something when you order to keep the lights on.



Just want to share NonScents with friends or family? Here’s an example e-mail:

Subject Line: My life smells better now


I wanted to let you all know that I’ve decided to join a cult. I got tired of my life smelling funky and decided to do something about it – in the process I discovered a new and wonderful stink-free lifestyle through NonScents odor control products.

I know. Odor control. Booooring. It’s not boring when it works though. Think of how much better your life would be without stinky shoes, musty fridges, horrifying toilet smells, kitty litter aromas, dog breath, or smelly spots where your pets have had accidents. NonScents products find the compounds that make those bad smells and then kill them.

Don’t take this e-mail personally, it isn’t a passive aggressive hint that, hey, you smell. It’s just that I wanted to share my stench-free joy with somebody, and you were on top of my list.

NonScents gave me this cool link that gives you 25% off everything in their store. Give it a try.

Trust me, their stuff really works!



Got a Blog?

Product reviews are a great way to talk to your readers about NonScents products and what you like about them.

Tell them what you liked, what surprised you, what your thoughts are on the price, what concerns you have, etc. Be honest, and share your custom link so your readers can get 25% off and try NonScents products for themselves.

Be clear with your readers that they’ll be supporting your blog with any purchases made through that link, in order to follow FCC guidelines.

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Rectangle Banner - Pet Odor Control

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Send a Text!

Here’s an example:

“Just discovered this really cool new product. Product name & what you liked about it. I got this link that will give you 25% off if you want to give it a try. Link.”

In Person Promotion

Here are some easy-to-print assets for you to use when talking about NonScents in person at events, to friends, etc.

NonScents Business Card

NonScents Brochure

NonScents Flyer