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How to Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Odor

Garbage disposals chop up food waste into small pieces that are safe to put through the pipes and into the sewer. They do this with spinning blades, which can shower the inside of their enclosure (the part right under your sink) with tiny particles of whatever they’re chopping. Over time, those particles can start to smell pretty bad, and those odors can rise up through your drain into your sink, with pretty unappetizing results.

Here are the popular ways people deal with unpleasant garbage disposal smells:

Destroy Odors with NonScents Pet Odor Remover Spray

Spraying NonScents Pet Odor Remover Spray down your drain will destroy odor causing compounds on contact, but also act as a barrier to smells coming up from compounds the spray doesn’t reach (it’s pretty complicated in there). Because you run water through your sink, you will need to reapply the spray periodically as our technology is washed away over time.

Knock Loose Accumulated Waste with Ice Cubes

Some people grind ice cubes in their disposal so that the shards of ice will help knock loose clinging compounds that are leading to those unpleasant odors. Some commercial garbage disposal cleaning products also use this principle. Unfortunately, you’re relying on random chance here – the ice shards may or may not hit the problem areas.

Some websites claim the ice will sharpen the blades…but that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Add Fragrance with Lemon Pieces

Some people recommend grinding pieces of lemon in your disposal to disperse lemon juice and oil around the interior of the disposal. That probably will make the disposal smell better (like lemons) briefly, while the acid in the juice might help wash away or break down some odor compounds. However, all of these effects will be extremely temporary and don’t work on the cause of the problem.

Clean the Disposal with Baking Soda & Vinegar

Putting dry baking soda down your disposal, then following it up with plain vinegar will cause it to foam. The baking soda can neutralize some odor-causing compounds on its own, and once it foams the bubbles can scrub away some compounds through the bubbling action. Unfortunately, the neutralization effect only works on some odor compounds, so it only takes care of part of the problem. The bubbles also can’t be relied upon to catch everything.

Clean the Disposal with Bleach

Bleach will kill odor causing bacteria in your disposal, and has an aroma of its own. Unfortunately bleach is also very corrosive, and can decrease the life of your disposal with frequent use. Given that it’s a temporary solution, you’ll probably be reapplying it often.

Clean the Disposal with Soap & Water

Scrubbing your disposal with soap & water can really help, because it removes food particles and odor causing compounds that are the problem. Doing this periodically will work well (though it’s hard to get to every part of the disposal to completely solve the problem). Of course, it’s a pain, and that’s why people are searching for easier solutions like the options above.

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