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How Does NonScents No.2 Toilet Spray Work?

How to Use It                  How the Spray Works

How to Use NonScents No.2 Toilet Spray

NonScents No.2 Toilet Spray will prevent embarrassing bathroom odors by destroying odor causing compounds at the molecular level, rather than using the overpowering fragrances common in competing bathroom sprays.

Using No.2 Toilet Spray to Prevent Embarrassing Bathroom Odors

  1. Before you go No.2, spray the surface of the water in the toilet bowl 2-3 times with the spray.
    Using No.2 Toilet Spray to destroy embarrassing bathroom odors |

    Note: No.2 Spray is packaged in a special “airless pump” bottle so that it can be sprayed from any angle – that means you don’t have to put your hand into the toilet bowl, just spray from up to a few inches above the seat, down into the water.

  2. Use the toilet as you normally would. Embarrassing odors will be prevented!

    If you used two sprays and it wasn’t sufficient, try three next time – some toilets have a larger water surface area than others.

The special bottle is designed to use every last drop of the spray, ensuring you get your money’s worth!

How No.2 Toilet Spray Works

Our No.2 Toilet Spray is built on the same core technology as other NonScents products, but with some unique design elements given the challenges of toilet design. Unlike our other products, the spray is oil based, so that it will float on the surface of the toilet bowl water. A surfactant helps the oil spread itself evenly across the surface.

Once distributed across the surface of the water, our technology will react with an odor causing compounds it comes into contact with to destroy, dismantle, or modify them (depending on the compound) so that they no longer smell. It catches anything rising through the water, thus creating an odor barrier at the water line.

The spray also contains a small amount of lavender oil to counteract any odors that are released into the air before the waste goes below the water line. Unlike other bathroom sprays however, the fragrance is extremely mild and dissipates quickly.