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How Does NonScents Dog Oral Spray Work?

How to Use It                  How the Spray Works 

How to Use NonScents Dog Oral Spray

Despite its name, NonScents Dog Oral Spray works for both cats and dogs. It destroys odor-causing compounds in your pet’s mouth while also attacking microbes, fungal spores, and helping with inflammation. In other words, not only is it getting rid of dog/cat breath, it’s also promoting better oral health for your pet.

NonScents Dog Oral Spray gets rid of dog breath & promotes better oral health |

How to Use the Dog Oral Spray

  1. Gently hold your pet’s head and gently lift their lips on one side.
  2. Spray the spray into their mouth (against their teeth is fine) on that side.
  3. Repeat with the other side of their mouth.

While some pets find the sound and/or spraying sensation startling at first, we’ve found they typically become used to it very quickly. Because the spray’s base is a saline solution, they like the salt flavor.

How NonScents Dog Oral Spray Works

Our Oral Spray is a natural saline base (the same solution used in hospital intravenous drips) carrying a small amount of hypochlorous acid (HOCL). While that sounds frightening, it’s actually something your pet’s body already makes naturally. Whenever you or your pet (or most other vertebrates) get injured, white blood cells rush to the affected area and produce hypochlorous acid in order to try to prevent infection.

Our oral spray uses that same substance to dismantle, destroy, or change odor-causing compounds (depending on the compound) so that they no longer smell. It also leverages its inflammation reducing, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties to promote your pet’s oral health.

The spray is completely safe, and was developed in close consultation with veterinarians. It was actually tested on humans!