How Does NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer Work?

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How to Use NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer

The granules of the Cat Litter Deodorizer are designed to sit on the surface of conventional clumping or not-clumping cat litter, destroying any odors that come to the surface before they can escape to the rest of the room (and your nose). There are also some interesting alternative uses.

Note: If you use non-traditional litters (gel, wood or cardboard shavings, Breeze litter system, etc) with large pieces, the granules of the Litter Deodorizer will fall between the pieces and not provide an effective barrier. Instead spray the surface with our Pet Odor Removal Spray.


Deodorizing a Litter Box

  1. Remove & discard any solid waste.
    Removing Solid Waste from a Cat Litter Box |
    Note: in a pinch, you can bury solid waste under the surface of the litter – the deodorizer will work then too, but for best results feces should be removed.

  2. Sprinkle a layer of Cat Litter Deodorizer across the surface of the litter.
    Using Cat Litter Deodorizer |
    Note: Some particularly sensitive cats may be put off by the deodorizer’s new smell. If this is a problem with your cat, we recommend starting with a small amount and gradually increase to an effective layer as they become used to it.

  3. Discard solid waste, add additional Cat Litter Deodorizer, and/or change the litter as needed to control odors.


How Much Deodorizer Do You Need?
For most 1-2 cat households, 1lb of Cat Litter Deodorizer will suffice for a month’s use.

Many customers find that they need to change their cats’ litter less frequently once they start using our Cat Litter Deodorizer, but it really depends on the type of litter, number of cats, and other factors.

Other Uses for NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer

Believe it or not, there are uses for our Cat Litter Deodorizer outside of the litter box.  Its odor destruction effect can also be used to deodorize sections of carpet.

Removing Odors from Carpet

  1. Clean up any mess at the spot to be deodorized.
    Clean up a pet accident spot to be deodorized |
  2. Sprinkle the affected part of the carpet with cat litter deodorizer.
    Using kitty litter deodorizer to treat accident spots on the carpet |
  3. Wait four hours for the deodorizer to work.
    Waiting four hours for deodorizer to treat carpet stains |
  4. Vacuum up the deodorizer.
    Vacuuming up kitty litter deodorizer |

The granules will actually help remove the musty smell from your vacuum too!

How the Deodorizer Works

NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer is made of granules of zeolite, a special rock (What is Zeolite?), that has been coated with our odor-destroying technology. The zeolite is just a carrier, selected for its extremely high surface area, the coating is doing the work.

When you sprinkle the deodorizer across the surface of the litter, our coating reaches out from the granules to destroy adjacent odor compounds it comes into contact with.

The mechanism through which it does this is complicated, but involves the creation of hypochlorous acid (which is safe and actually produced by white blood cells in the bodies of most vertebrates when healing wounds). The acid then destroys, breaks apart, or converts the odor compounds so that they don’t smell anymore. It kills the microbes and inhibits enzymes that can create odor compounds from cat waste.

Because of the effect of the NonScents technology, an even sprinkle of Deodorizer granules will act as a barrier against those compounds escaping into the air.