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How Do NonScents Shoe Deodorizers Work?

How to Use Them                                     Other Uses                       How the Deodorizers Work


How to Use NonScents Shoe Deodorizers

NonScents Shoe Deodorizers are long, thin breathable cloth sachets that can be put in shoes, boots, bags, or other enclosures. They will destroy odor-causing compounds in close proximity to them, making your footwear smell fresh!

How to Use NonScents Shoe Deodorizers

  1. Remove the deodorizers from their outer bag & put one in each shoe when you’re not wearing them.
    Using NonScents Shoe Deodorizers to get rid of bad odors |
  2. Ideally leave them overnight for best results.
  3. Enjoy your less smelly shoes! Reuse in the same shoes or other shoes, as necessary, for up to six months, then replace the deodorizers.

Other Uses for the Deodorizers

Our shoe deodorizers don’t just work in shoes! Try putting them in smelly gym bags, diaper bags, etc to destroy odors & make your life smell better.

How NonScents Shoe Deodorizers Work

Inside the breathable cloth sachets are granules of a special rock called zeolite (what is zeolite?), coated with our cutting-edge odor fighting technology. When you put these sachets in your shoes (or a bag), the technology emanates from the sachets, through the air, and comes into contact with odor-causing compounds. It then dismantles, destroys, or modifies them (depending on the compound) so that they no longer smell.

Prolonged use (i.e. overnight) gives our technology a chance to really get into your shoes’ nooks and crannies to fight particularly stubborn smells.