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Motley Zoo Animal Rescue React to Smelling Cat Urine

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue React to Smelling Cat Urine (Full YouTube Video Transcription)

Hi there I'm jme from Motley Zoo and we're gonna try out some new products.

Thank you for having us jme. We put some cat urine on (my favorite). Cat urine has been placed in a petri dish. Oh yes that's cat urine. I got way too close to that. 

Now with the NonScents Product, two sprays to three. I can't even see it anymore. Yes, it disappeared. Now try the smell test. It smells totally clean. It is totally clean. (That's amazing)

The NonScents products with the science behind it, will take care of that for you. It is very effective and I would be more than happy to use that. I might, with my own pets, and with the rescue and in our cat room. If you can get out cat urine, that's something good.

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