How did OxiScience and NonScents start?

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I'm Simon Johnston and I am the CEO of Oxiscience, we'll be talking today with my business partner Jeff Williams who I worked with for over thirty years on various projects and today we're going to introduce ourselves in terms of what we're currently working on, what we think is serve our best project ever. I'm Jeff Williams, I'm the chief technology officer of the company. I'm a veterinarian originally though I've been involved in biomedical research for actually about 50 years now. I was a professor in a medical school when Simon and I met a few decades ago when we realized that we had some common interest. Me and some areas of scientists that were a good fit about time and for some business interests the Simon had insights into and that's how our relationship started.

We kept things going over the decades with different kinds of ventures and recently. We realized that some chemistry that we both become familiar with over this time these decades. It could be repurposed for some focus on odor that turns out to be a very worthy focus for OxiScience.

How did OxiScience and NonScents Start?

With our patents with our technology with the expertise we've developed in other areas, more regulated, the medical one. We're seeing some very good early success in the OxiScience technology. Pet care was the entry point. It was a sort of flash of inspiration that there were pet care needs that the technology would fill. But that's we've got into pet care. We've realized that household odor needs, there are personal care needs, industrial needs and that's you're saying that there are some pretty big impacts on. But business propositions particularly, when odor affects real estate or a vehicle or a boat or an RV or any of the kinds of items that people want in their lives, but are reluctant to get into if malodors hanging over the product. And there are simply haven't been good solutions. We've done pretty good analysis of the competition and the ways people have been solving odor problems and they really revolve around masking or absorption and we truly are a technology that destroys order molecules and most of the ones that people are concerned about. And that was for us a really valuable development that recognition of what we had what we had been using a whole variety of different configurations over the decades to address medical needs and wound care and disinfection that technology could fit in malodor control and addressed in a new way because most of the tried and tested methods haven't been delivering what the public and the industrial users need and That means there's an opportunity if that's for everything. So right now we're in the phase of actually bringing out quite a number of new products of our own under the NonScents brand and we are also working in other areas with particularly industrial, where we can supply. Products to people that will resell them into their business.

What Makes OxiScience Different?

So one of the unusual features our little company is the extent to which we depend on science and our company right now we have four PhDs and, we just can't help ourselves. We need evidence for the truth and support of what our products do and it leads to some really important understandings of the way the technology addresses our focal point which is control of odor. Our colleagues in science are largely with chemistry backgrounds. And in fact over the years the chemistry that we've become familiar with them that we incorporate into the product line of Oxiscience has been contributed to by some very prestigious scientists. The fundamental core chemistry came out of prestigious academic University Professors. We adapted it we modified it and in some cases for OxiScience. We've actually improved on it and the final patentss to protect it. We focus on using chemistry to attack malodor and that attack comes from several points on the compass, attacking the chemical degradation mechanisms that can make for odor control attacking the enzymes that micro cheese fungi molds used to make those malodors and finally we attack also the organisms that generate those enzymes. So there's a multi fold approach that is not only this world of odor control hasn't been introduced before. But actually brings an extraordinary amount of power to control of odors of all sorts: household odors pet their owners agricultural odors. And I think the cusp of addressing the need for odor control in these novel plays, satisfying customer needs across the board over the last four years we have made. Commission for our company of solving unsolvable order control problems and what we didn't know when we got into this was just how ubiquitous and how problematic this is for people both on a personal level and on an economic level. So at this point while we are looking at industrial applications and personal applications and consumer applications. All of them go towards solving order control problems and that is what is allowing us to move very rapidly into a profitable situation with our business model. It attracted a lot of people as both investors and supporters of our business and become what we believe a leader in the odor control business.

Why Odor Control?

This focus on odor control didn't come out of a vacuum, over the years Jeff and I have worked on a number of projects and one of those specifically was with the US military to design and potentially help the soldiers in the field have a little better sanitation from their clothes in other words. They wanted products that didn't stink in the jungle or the desert. Having been a veteran and knowing what that means and what what a quality garment or non stinky uniform could mean in terms of your daily life. This also helped us move towards really understanding this technology and the benefits it can bring to day-to-day people in all walks of life whether it's a pet owner or a soldier or a guy that's working in a slaughterhouse. We have a system now a product that can help every one of them and I'm really proud to be associated with this project even though I always envisioned myself being a medical mogul.

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