How To Keep Your Dog From Being Smelly

How To Keep Your Dog From Being Smelly

Dogs are active animals. Even the laziest of pups are bound to roll in the grass and dirt from time to time. Caring for your dog is more than just providing food and playing fetch. Bathing is just as important to your pet’s wellness. Here are some tips for keeping your furry friend happy, healthy and odor-free.

How to Care for Different Kinds of Fur

Different breeds have different types of fur, each requiring their own care routine. Yes, dogs can be just as high maintenance as their owners.

Short Coat: Fur that grows from one to four centimeters is considered a short coat. Like a pit bull or boxer, short coat dogs may appear smooth. With less hair, this kind of dog needs less bathing. A bath every six weeks should be fine.

Long Coat: A long coat is obviously long. If your dog is like a Yorkshire Terrier, who sheds continuously, you can wash your dog’s coat with a softening shampoo once a month. The softener should help avoid tangles, as does daily brushing.

Wiry Coat: Schnauzers are a good example of a wiry coat, with fur typically 4+ inches in length and thick. Brush the coat daily to remove dead hair. For bathing, go with an oil-free and softener-free shampoo ever three to four weeks.

Curly Coat: Poodles don’t mean to be needy; their continuously growing fur demands it. Brush curly coats daily to remove knots and bathe approximate every 20 days. Use a moisturizing shampoo to keep the fur from drying out.

Ways to Prevent Odors

If your dog smells like, well, a dog, you need to find the source of the smell and treat it. A few common culprits are wet fur, bacteria in their ears, bad oral health and smelly skin.

If your dog loves to play in the water, make sure to dry him after each splash. Bathing and drying is the best option, but it’s probably not healthy to bathe your dog daily. At a minimum, it's best to wipe your dogs' paws when they come in from playing outside.

Your dogs’ ears are prone to build up of bacterial yeast and mites without proper cleaning. If it gets really bad, you may notice your dog scratching his ears. Get an ear flush from your vet or use a thin, wet cloth to gently clean your dog’s ears.

Don’t forget about your canine’s teeth. Any infections or rotting areas can be smelly, not to mention painful for your pup. If there is a major problem, it’s best to take your dog to the vet. Try out our dog oral spray for smelly dog breath.

Smelly skin is a little harder to treat, especially if your cute pet has skin folds. If bathing doesn’t take care of the smell, it may be linked to your dog’s diet. Poor nutrition can cause skin irritation and gastrointestinal issues for your pet. Use high-quality dog food to keep along with other regular grooming to help address any skin smell.

Enjoy the Cuddles

Now, with a clean and odor-free dog, you can go back to cuddling your fur baby. After all, dogs can't be humans' best friends if they have to stay in a separate room because of their smell.

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